Oola Blues

I decided to start teaching classes at Hobby Lobby.  It's free, and the managers at my particular Hobby Lobby were gracious enough to let me put a chalk board in the front of the store with my monthly class schedule!  If you're in the Columbia, MD area, come on out!  

HL Chalk Board.JPG

I made it to Hobby Lobby with 15 minutes to carry in my supplies and set up for an epic Oola class.  The classroom door was shut but unlocked, so I went in and found that there were boxes lining the walls, and no tables and chairs set up!  I pulled down two tables and set them up myself and got everything ready for class.

Infused 7 with Oola Books.JPG
Desert Mist and Coloring Sheet.JPG

I brought my Premium Starter Kit, just in case, along with a few other supplies to set up around the room for people to look at before or after class.  I didn't want to overwhelm anyone or take away from the purpose of the class (Because Oola is AMAZING!), but I did want to have a few things to start some conversations that might lead to other classes or general oil awesomeness discussions.  I set up my extras on the counter off to the side, but still in plain view.

HL Counter Setup.JPG

Needless to say I was super excited for class to begin!  I had everything in place, my Oola playlist was queued up, and I had been breathing Oola Balance for good measure.  5:30 came, but no one walked through the classroom door.  Then 5:45, 6:00... You get the picture.  NO ONE came for my class!  It was sad, but I'm a little stubborn and extremely optimistic, so I decided to turn lemons into lemonade!  I spent just a few minutes putting together a video - well two because I forgot a couple things in the first one.  Check them out below!