Hi, My name is Elisa and I love my Mom bod!

Alright, so that's not entirely true, but I'm working on it a little more every day. 


I've been journaling for as long as I can remember, and one of my early journal entries included a list of things I wanted in my life.  I wanted a dress for every day of the week, silk for every day of the week, a mango and avocado tree, and more bathrooms than bedrooms in my house.  The first two items are easy: I have at least 7 dresses, though I don't wear them every day as I imagined I would.  I have a couple silk dresses or blouses, but don't wear them often because I don't like to hand wash or dry clean my clothes.  Mango and avocado trees don't grow well in Maryland, so they've been replaced with a pair of mulberry trees that came with the house and an apple tree that survived last year's deer nibbling despite looking quite ragged at the end of the summer.  More bathrooms than bedrooms?  What was I thinking?! 


Looking back at that journal page it is easy to evaluate where I am now, and how my priorities and desires have shifted.  It's easy to dismiss these tangible material things when I look around at my life and realize how much I have.  I think about how grateful I am for my wonderful husband, my (boring but very practical) sprawling brick rancher nestled on a tree filled acre of land at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in a fantastic school district, and my amazing energetic kids.


On the very next page of that journal is a short entry with a drawing taking up most of the page.  It is a sketch of a woman's body with some areas highlighted.  The label on the top is the same as the previous page, "Wishes for my Future," but the sweet nostalgic feeling I got from thinking about dresses and trees and bathrooms is gone.  Instead I feel a bit of anxiety and a drop in my mood as I remember that the sketch is my body, and the highlighted areas are my trouble areas, which have not changed in all the years since my pencil found that page. 


My body is not the same as it was back then. 


After giving birth to 3 kids, it would be a small miracle if it was the same!  The "problem areas" I identified are the same, but the magnitude of each "problem" has been amplified by time, mediocre lifestyle choices, and children.  Heck, there are new problem areas like laugh lines and gray hairs in areas I never even thought about going gray!


If you're a Mom reading this blog, you've probably had a similar experience.  Whether it was looking back at an old journal entry or an old picture of yourself, you've felt the crushing realization that you're never going to have that perfect, starved, super-model body you've always wanted.  You've had plans through the years; started and stopped diets and exercise programs, maybe worked with a personal trainer, created vision boards, just prayed and cried; but you look in the mirror in the morning and your reflection is nothing like the "ideal" you've been striving to reveal for most of your life.


Well, I've been there too; I'm still there some mornings.  But most mornings are better than that.  Much better. 


When you decide to shift your focus from that artificial ideal you've adopted from magazines, TV shows, wherever, to exposing the radiant, energetic woman you are already, your world changes.


You are beautiful. 

You bring something unique and wonderful to the world. 

You deserve every happiness in this life.


You can start your journey to being the very best possible you by tearing up that journal page and embracing that reflection!


Take this journey with me.  I will not guarantee that you will fit into your high school jeans.  I will not guarantee that you will look 10 years younger.  What I will guarantee is better.  I will guarantee that if you take this journey; I mean really commit to it, you will become a more confident, vibrant version of yourself.


I would love to guide you through my 6 Week Love My Mom Bod Challenge.  It is absolutely free, and it is designed for busy Moms like you and me.  I will send you weekly emails with the assignments and exercises for the week, and I will periodically check in on you to see how things are going.  If you decide the program is not for you, just unsubscribe!  What do you have to lose?


Swing over to my Classes page to sign up.  Can't wait to work with you!